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Archive of year 2012

New exhibition halls at PVA EXPO PRAHA are opened

On 12th of October new exhibition halls of PVA EXPO PRAHA were opened. The first event in the new halls was fair FUTURE SOLDIER that examined their declared parameters.

  (5.11.2012)  

Croatian businessmen visited FOR HABITAT set of trade fairs

Set of trade fairs for housing and garden visited not only czech but also foreign businessmen, who came to get inspired and find new business contacts. Representatives of croatian business chamber and Mr. Tomislav Vlahutin, Ph.D. from croatian embassy in Prague met the foreign relations manager and director of ABF, a.s. trade fair administration Mr. Daniel Bartoš. „The quality of this trade fair is very good, we are going to encourage croatian companies to take part as exhibitors“ said Mrs. Marina Petranovic on behalf of the whole delegation. Also 75 businessmen from croatia came to see the trade fair.   (4.4.2012)   read more >>

Introducing our exhibitors

Many companies are registering themselves to exhibit at FOR HABITAT and are going to introduce their NOVELTIES and interesting expositions. To mention the renowned exhibitors: BETON BROŽ s.r.o., HELUZ v.o.s., PUMAR-1 sp.j., SWN MORAVIA s.r.o., BAUDEKOR s.r.o., H.A.C. spol. s r.o., ROLLO s.r.o., PLAMET s.r.o. Public visitors will appreciate a wide representation of POOLS, that belong among most popular articles in the spring. Company CENTRALPLAST s.r.o. brings a novelty to czech market, it is going to introduce a self-supporting SANDWICH pool. Also traditional exhibitors are going to show pools on their expositions: BAZÉNY BRANDEJSKÝ, ALUKOV HZ s.r.o., KONTIS PRAHA s.r.o. and other. To make your housing perfect there are the terraces – at the trade fair they will be introduced by LIMES s.r.o. or SOLITER PARKET s.r.o. Modern conception of houses or flats will be introduced by companies specialising in „INTELLIGENT HOUSES“ for example INTELO s.r.o., FORIS 2011 s.r.o., SMART SECURITY s.r.o. or ALERTE s.r.o. Also the indispensable RECONSTRUCTIONS, RENOVATIONS and HOUSE MAINTENANCE will be introduced at the trade fair. Services and products of STAV SERVIS LAKAM s.r.o., KRESSIDA s.r.o., APIS s.r.o. and TEWIKO s.r.o. will be presented as well. A novelty is going to be introduced by ARECO, which will show its decorative plastering. Decorative stone in various variations of usage is going to be presented at the fair by VKTSoft s.r.o. company. Another popular topic at the trade fair are interiors - companies such as The Imperial Bathroom Company Ltd., SPANIMEX s.r.o., NIZZA s.r.o. and other are going to introduce luxurious equipment for bathrooms. Designer fireplaces will be presented by BIOKAMÍN EU s.r.o. As you can see the offer of FOR HABITAT is really wide and very tempting.   (9.2.2012)   read more >>

Introducing our exhibitors

FOR HABITAT Trade Fair is going to introduce many prestigious companies from various fields of housing and it will take place in hall Nr. 1 of PVA EXPO PRAGUE in Letnany. Traditionally there will be companies, representing the field of firm building elements – for example: AGC FLAT GLASS s.r.o., BEMATECH s.r.o., BROUK CENTRUM s.r.o., DEFINITO INTERIÉRY s.r.o., HUŠEK a.s., INTERIÉRY LENALI s.r.o., LOMAX s.r.o., ROGAN SOLUTIONS s.r.o., VETOS s.r.o., WIENBERGER a.s. and many other. Exhibition hall Nr. 1 will be dominated by the stand of PRAŽSKÁ ENERGETIKA. The trade fair will introduce novelties to lovers of private sauna, whirlpools and pools - visitors will be able to see stands of BAZÉNY DESJOYAUX s.r.o., PREMIUM CERAMIC POOLS s.r.o., REEST21 s.r.o., SUNCOM CZ s.r.o. or VITAL TREND s.r.o. Already for the second time there will be a special section for HOME DECORATIONS AND ACCESSORIES. Inspiring exhibition stands will be professionaly arranged by our top exhibitors – PARAMIT s.r.o., LPK INVEST s.r.o., DAKLS s.r.o., BROWN&JOHNSON s.r.o., BDK GLASS s.r.o. With connection to other simultaneously organised trade fairs FOR FURNITURE – FOR OFFICE – FOR GARDEN – FOR GREENERY is the set of trade fairs going to bring a complete offer from the field of housing. Prestigious spring event won´t disappoint professionals nor the general public.   (26.1.2012)   read more >>

19th year of trade fair for housing – FOR HABITAT 2012 – last possibility to register for advantaged prices

With new year also the set of spring trade fairs came up – FOR HABITAT – FOR FURNITURE – FOR OFFICE – FOR GARDEN – FOR GREENERY. Use the possibility of advantaged prices from second closing deadline, valid until January 20, 2012. In this term we can offer you not only advantaged prices for the exhibition space, but also very nice places in the exhibition hall. The concept of simultaneously organised trade fairs was very successful last year. Topic context with other trade fairs brings higher PROFESSIONALITY and narrower PROFILE in all fields. Companies oriented on housing get a quality space for presentation of their products and services and especially NOVELTIES and TRENDS. Basic indicators show that the inovation project was a good decision. If you have questions do not hesitate to contact us, we will prepare an individual offer for your participation at the trade fair, or we will recommend other alternatives of presentation at the trade fair. Use this promotion activity to gain new business partners and enhance the image of your company.

  (19.1.2012)  

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